By creating a world in which women have pushed their physical appearance to the point of gorgeously gruesome, Nadia Lee Cohen reminds us that the female existence is still plagued by the pressures of achieving perfection in her film, 'A Guide To Indulgence'.

"I wanted to create a satirical world in which the female inhabitants have pushed their appearances into cartoonish, melodramatic and extreme representations of femininity; yet are still looking to improve themselves even further."

The film, presented by Nowness, pokes fun at how antiquated the notion of female perfection is by setting in various 50's inspired scenes that walk the viewer through the many steps required to be the ultimate trophy wife in a seemingly perfect world.

"'A Guide to Indulgence' is an entirely personal series of images and film, which hopefully subtly exposes the cracks beneath the surface; depicted through music, darting eyes beneath masks and subtle word play, these features endeavor to puncture an environment that unless scrutinised appears entirely perfect."