There is only one place for an actress: the stage. After an interlude of exploration the lovely Arianna returns to her passion to make her NYC debut in "Tales in Time" a creative endeavor compiled of nine minute skits inspired by folklore all around the world.

The core focus of this project explores the dialogue that in all of human existence we haven't changed much in our desire for one thing: entertainment! From cave drawings to campfire tales, our humanity has been comprised of weaving stories to pass the hours of the day.

The theatre was built on these very stories leading to the large scale productions we see today so it is a fitting first pursuit for an actress to explore the history of her craft.

We spoke with Arianna on her past, and the importance of this special project.

How do you prepare for your role?

I read the play!! MULTIPLE times. And not only my lines, but what the other characters or character say about my character. It gives clues and insight about your character.


What is your acting style? 

That's tricky! To keep it simple, my style is to make sure I'm being honest. I've been taught different techniques: Strasberg, Meisner, Stanislavsky. I think I put them in a bowl and pick out what I'll need according to the role

Who are some of your favorite actors? Which of these actors do you think you most emulate?

Viola Davis, Sydney Poitier, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore to name a few! If I could emulate any, Viola Davis! Everyone needs an ugly cry!


What is the hardest role you've ever played and why?

Caliban from Shakespeare's The Tempest. He's a deformed creature on a magical island!

...and the most fun role you've ever played? 

Caliban! He's a deformed creature that has some of the most beautiful text in all of Shakespeare's works.


Tell us about the new play you're leading in! What is the play about? What is the character you are playing?

I'm in two ten minute plays! Great ensemble cast! In one show I play April who's in a girl group set in Vegas in 1959! It's a great commentary about segregation and the the empowerment these young girls own when left to figure out how to get themselves out a a tricky predicament! The second play is set in the Kalahari desert present time! She fights to keep the integrity of the land her people have lived on for 20 thousand years!

What about it excites you the most about "Tales in Time"? How do you relate?

I love that the plays are based on folktales from around the world and are reimagined! It proves despite language, time and gender, it is ultimately about people. The human condition.

We look forward to seeing Arianna shine in her role for this production and to follow her footsteps of her budding career! 

Break both your legs Ari, we love you to death!

To catch Arianna in "Tales in Time" this week, visit Articulate Theatre online for tickets and showtimes.

Photos and interview by Morgan T. Stuart. Styling and intro by Douglas Cornwall, III. Makeup by Tony Tulve.