Think back to your time in high school. What did you love the most? The camaraderie of your sports team? A boyfriend or girlfriend? An extracurricular club? Did you love it so much that you included these things in your yearbook page or senior portrait? If you ask Georgia B, she will tell you without hesitation: Taco Bell.

We caught up with Georgia to find out a little more about her Taco Bell love story: How it all began, how it's evolved and if she foresees a Taco Bell themed wedding in her future. Check out our interview with Georgia below to find out what she has to say.

When did you first fall in love with Taco Bell? How did you know it was true love?

It was a warm and sunny spring afternoon in 2008. I went through the drive through with my dad. I remember it like it was yesterday; My taco was wearing a thin orange wrapper that just slightly crinkled in the left corner. I knew it was love because I couldn’t stop staring at it the whole ride home. I looked at it and said, “I’ll never let go.” Then I ate it. The rest is history.

What's your favorite item on the menu? Why is it your favorite?

Cheesy bean and rice burrito, all the way. It’s my favorite item because its only a dollar and I’m broke, and because I think its underrated. I like to go for the underdog. Plus, the spicy chipotle sauce is delicious.

Describe your Taco Bell eating process. Do you take it fast or slow? Is it sensual? Do you inhale or exhale in-between bites? Do you do this alone or in groups? Do you mind others watching?

Well, a lady never tacos and tells. But I will say that eating Taco Bell is less of a process and more of a unique experience every time. Every Taco Bell is different, and should be appreciated as such.


Mild, medium or hot?

Hot, obviously.

Marriage is now legal at the Taco Bell located in Las Vegas. What was your first reaction to this glorious news? Do you plan to wed in said Vegas Taco Bell?

My first reaction to this news is that it’s about time to find me a husband. I’m not sure how my mother will feel, but I most definitely will say "I do," in Taco Bell.

Taco Bell's inception of the Dorito shell is some pretty progressive stuff. It became a fan favorite. Have you joined this cult following of Dorito shell lovers? If so, are you a cooler ranch or nacho cheese kind of gal?

I would say that I’m the queen of the cult. I spread the DLT lifestyle to everyone that I summon into my local Taco Bell. I’m definitely a nacho cheese girl all the way, but I’m not afraid to cool down with some ranch once in awhile if I'm getting the right vibes.

Taco Bell really through tradition out of the window when they created the Naked Chicken Chalupa -- the chalupa filled with an assortment of fixings and held together by 'shell' made of crispy chicken". Have you tried it? Do you want to try it? What are your feelings on this matter?

I support Taco Bell in all of their artistic endeavors. I like a joint that’s not afraid to think outside the bun, or the shell if you will. I have tried the chalupa and all I can say is: I love chicken, I love tacos, what’s not to love?

What do you recommend to our vegetarian readers so they can achieve maximum flavors in their mouths while still forgoing all that spiced, marinated meat? 

Ah my dear vegetarians. Don’t worry, you too will find sanctuary here. Taco bell has 5.7 million vegetarian options (yes, I looked that up.) In my short but sweet venture into vegetarianism, the bean tostada was my new best friend. The tostada is a staple item that, when perfectly paired with a 7-Layer Burrito and some three-layer nachos, makes for an incredibly satisfying $3 well spent.

Is there anything you would like to say to Taco Bell?

If you need a new spokesperson or new food tester, please feel free to call. I’ll leave you with a quote from the cinematic masterpiece, Notting Hill:“I’m just a girl. Standing in front of a Taco Bell. Asking them to love me.”

Special thanks to Georgia B. Click here to follow her on instagram.

Interview by Morgan T. Stuart. All photos by Breece Lynne.