Fashion has often been declared as art that you can wear, but multi-media artist Mary Rosenberger takes that thought a bit further. 

This artist's canvas is quite literally the clothes on her back: no shoe, bag or skirt is safe from her impulsive creative process.

Each piece that gets her colorful touch becomes adorned with graphic illustrations elevating a simple garment into a moving dialogue.

LYTD plugged into Mary's brain to discover just where all this came from.

What drove you to paint?

Painting has always been something I've been interested in coming from a creative background, but I especially got into it after meeting my boyfriend and spending many hours at the art school he graduated from. I think paint is such an exciting medium, it makes feel free and is definitely one of my favorite forms of self expression. I appreciate the room for "happy accidents" paint makes for us, for instance if you don't like a certain stroke you can always just go back and paint something new right over it-it's liberating and so much fun. I would be such a different person if I never decided to get back into it. 

MARY R 2.png

When it comes to painting, what are your biggest roadblocks?

When it comes to creating I don't really have an issue with going through "roadblocks" I feel like I always have something to express and if I'm feeling a little bored with what I'm doing I know it's time for me to change things up and try something new. Looking at a blank canvas never intimidates me it only inspires. As long as I have the materials in front of me the art is undoubtedly going to flow. 

I've noticed your painted women look a lot like you. Would you say your paintings are a reflection of yourself?

Many artists have this habit, I think it is partly because you draw what is most familiar to you but I also love being my own muse. Even when I'm trying to paint something that doesn't look like me I somehow always find a way to subconsciously translate myself into the work. Being my own muse empowers me and makes me feel proud. I am inspired by my own existence and feel fueled when I put pieces of myself into the world. 

You have an exciting personal style so it's only natural that you've progressed from painting on canvas to painting on clothing and accessories. Who are your style icons?

I have several style icons but some of my favorites are Stacey Nishimoto, Jimmi Hendrix, Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus, Bianca Jagger and Tziporah Salamon.

Are there any particular thoughts or feelings you hope viewers take away with them when they view your work?

I hope my viewers feel uplifted after they view my work. I want the bright colors to energize and inspire them

Who are you most influenced by? Does this person influence your work? How so?

One of my biggest influences is hands down my mother. She has always been a well rounded lady when it comes to the creative world, a jill of all trades, and introduced me to art at a very young age. I think she greatly affects my art in the sense we both have the same work style, we thrive off of immediate gratification, and savor the quirks and imperfections that come from being a little "'messy" in whatever project we'ee engaged in. 

What are your next steps with your artwork?

Some next steps with my artwork are having my designs made into accessories+clothing and painting canvases that are significantly bigger than my precious work 

Photos and interview by Morgan T Stuart. Hair by Mischa G. Makeup by Natalia Lopez de Quintana. Intro by Douglas Cornwall, III. Special thanks to Brendan O'Shea and Lone Wolf bar in Bushwick.

Check out more of Mary's work on depop or instagram.