A hypnotic playlist about self actualization; realizing what is good for you, and what is not.

Bros vs. Ufos by Princess Century — The opening/title track of the playlist is an electronic, ambient instrumental by Toronto native artist, Princess Century. The song starts with a slow and haunting intro that could pass as part of the score for the television series Stranger Things, but then progresses into a more uptempo, dark and frankly weird synth beat setting the tone for the rest of the playlist. 


Turning Green by Den-Mate — An alternative/darkwave song with muffled vocals, alluding to Den-Mate’s feelings of confusion with her lover, and a stomping electronic beat similar to the works of Crystal Castles and Sleigh Bells.


Where My Girl At? by Eyedress — Eyedress puts a different spin on the classic ‘I f**ked up, give me a second chance’ love song. This cool, slow hip-hop track runs though Eyedress’ mind as he tries to get another shot at love with his girl while also exploring who his girl really is. 


Lovetrap by Soko feat. Ariel Pink — Lovetrap contains a Beach Boys vibe with a gothic/industiral twistabout two people not being able to be alone, yet know they are hazardous to each others health. 


Trash People by Apocolipistick — The playlists standout - A grungy, punk song with a swaying guitar rift chorus containing lyrics like “we wear our underwear three days in a row,” and “my room smells like an ashtray.” Why wouldn't you want to listen to this song?


Tempted by Jazz Cartier — A classic hip-hop/rap song about finding it hard to repress sexual desires while under the influence in the club, even though “findin’ love in clubs is always hopeless.”


Photograph at the Louvre by Teen Commandments — “If I let my heart be free / But thats not what you want from me/ If I set my heart on fire/ You’d call me a liar” - This dance/electronic track crafts up haunting synths, haunting vocals, and a steady beat to create this calming yet groovy song about one’s willingness to change for another out of love. 


Werk Ya Bawdy by Byrell the Great — Taking a break from the subject of love, Werk Ya Bawdy is an adrenaline fueled trap song all about expressing yourself and not giving a f**k. 


Black Magick by Maria Minerva — A alternative/synth-pop track with a buzzing bass and soft vocals from Minerva as she tries to understand her attachment to a certain love that constantly hurts her in the end. 


Holiday by First Hate — A smooth alternative feel-good anthem that is perfect for spring/summer. First Hate uses ambient vocals to reflect on good memories and the beauty of life itself: “Good skin kissing summer days / Sun city, I’m here to stay / Margherita’s on aeroplanes / our life was holiday.”

Curated by Kyle Stuart. Click here to follow him on instagram.