An eclectic playlist full of weird lyrics, pulsing synths and care-free antics. 

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Crocodile Boots (Soulwax Remix) [feat. Mutado Pintado] by Mixhell & Joe Goddard  

“I can’t seem to get a coffee around here without making my head explode.”

The opening song of the playlist is also the title track - Crocodile Boots. This remix of the Brazilian duos song adds one more layer of weirdness to the vibe of the original mix.   With a cool steady drum beat and odd lyric exchanges between a man and woman about everyday life and miscommunications, this track offers as a great playlist opener that is both sonically intriguing and pleasing. 


Right Back To The Start by Merchandise

“Stop playing my guitar and start counting the sheep.”

Right Back To The Start is taken from Merchandise’s latest album, A Corpse Wired For Sound, and it is all about finding yourself repeating old scenarios - the faces may change but the story stays the same. Despite the tracks meaning, the song has a funky intro along with a refreshing beat underneath the chorus that makes for a great listen anytime of the day.


Art by Tommy Genesis

“It’s that art hoe swag.”

If you ask Tommy Genesis what genre she would classify her music as, she would simply say, “fetish rap.” Her music is about oral fixation, sexual deviance, saying something to get a reaction or coveting sexual experiences… and her song ‘Art’ is no different. The track contains a slow trap beat and drowsy vocals with a gangster attitude making for a chill and cool-feeling track.


Changes by Antonio Williams & Kerry McCoy

“In the same old town / I saw your face / you seemed so sad / I felt the same”

Antonio Williams and Kerry McCoy team up for a new wave, bittersweet alternative anthem that contains a light synth beat and ringing guitar reminiscent of Promise Ring. The track also evokes a punk-esque feeling that will get you hooked upon your first listen.


Boy by Arthur Wimble

“I’m not the boy you wanted, girl / I’m not the boy you chose to be”

Boy by Arthur Wimble is definitely the most interesting song on this playlist. The track starts out with a slow piano riff layered with Wimble’s vocals, but then falls from the hook into a grooving, transportive electronic masterpiece. Despite the sad lyrics about not being right for someone else, the song is actually kind of a fun one. 


Habits (feat. Pastel Ghost) by Mr.Kitty

“Let your habits control you.”

Habits is sonically similar to that of ‘Shooting Stars’ by Bag Raiders. With its uptempo electronic beat and pounding snare, the track is a perfect summer song for that punk kidgoing out for a midnight drive. 


Kokamoe Freestyle by GoldLink

“Black and yellow goose with the boots and yellow jumpsuit.”

GoldLink is a Washington D.C. native who definitely doesn't get enough credit for his music. His slick verses and electric beats truly standout in the realm of the hip-hop/rap section of the music industry. GoldLink proves this further with Kokamoe Freestyle, a ‘no bullshit’ track from his latest album At What Cost.


Home Movies by KAMI

“ ‘Where’d you go when you go away?’ / I don’t know but I’d like to stay.”

Home Movies is a the playlists most fun track, containing a leading 80’s synth beat and chanting vocals that'll make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs. The accompanying music video stars Vic Mensa and Joey Purp along with a girl who looks like a grown-up Eleven from Stranger Things — just watch it. 


HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar

“Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks.”

Lamar’s latest release features a staggering beat with head-bopping piano key slams as he proclaims he always must be humbling for his peers as his peers should be for everyone else. The coinciding music video is also another must-watch on this playlist.


Andromeda (feat. D.R.A.M.) by Gorillaz

“Caught in your eyes / Stack of lights / Come streaming back / Make it for the best times.” 

Andromeda is one of four new songs by Gorillaz from their upcoming album Humanz. The setting of this song takes place in a nightclub called Andromeda. People here socialized, danced their hearts out, created everlasting memories and bonded with each other. This is a place where people can escape their day and express themselves.


I Don’t Wanna End The Night by Prelow

“I walk in front now I’m leading the pack / And you’re bringing up the rear cause you’re taking a drag”

The final stop on this playlist is reserved for Prelow’s “I Don’t Wanna End The Night”  — an alternative track, similar to the work of Phantom Planet, about leaving and going anywhere you want. The song is very freeing in the sense that it will make you forget about all your problems and allow you to live in the moment, making for the perfect ending to this playlist. 

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