Get to know the artist behind ‘PRBLMS’ and ‘Ex Calling’ in his documentary, 'Freer Than I Ever Been', presented by Apple Music.

After years of being held back by a label that restricted his creativity, 6lack broke free of those chains. With the release of his single 'PRBLMS', 6lack set the tone for his chart topping debut album, FREE 6LACK.

"In the studio making music is one thing. But actually being outside in a different environment gives you a whole other feeling. I understand that you've got your own vision and you've got your own formula, but that shit don't work for me, man. I'm not going to conform. I'm not settling for that shit."

Though 6lack finally has the freedom to create his music the way he wants, it didn't come without major sacrifice. His obsession has cost him friends, relationships and even the ability to afford a decent meal. 

"I didn't have money while I was recording. I didn't have nothing to eat. This one night I remember being super hungry and I remember looking at someone throwing something away and I just thought to myself, 'Is that a meal?' When that thought crossed my head, the fact that I thought it was like, 'This better be worth it.'"

Check out 6LACK's documentary, presented by Apple Music to find out how far 6LACK is willing to go. 

Listen to 'PRBLMS' and 'Ex Calling' below: