Katelyn Tarver makes a vivid connection to teens everywhere with her single, 'You Don't Know'

Are you going through it? Well, you're not alone. Katelyn Tarver knows just how you feel. With the release of her song, 'You Don't Know', Tarver also releases a special message to those just like her:

"I wrote it about feeling frustrated, feeling misunderstood, feeling sad and just kind of sitting in that for a second and allowing yourself to feel what you're feeling, knowing that you'll get to the other side eventually. Sometimes you just have to feel sad, and that's ok."

Though she's known and loved for her acting appearances on Nickelodeon's 'Big Time Rush', ABC's 'No Ordinary Family' and ABC Family's 'Secret Life of The American Teenager', Katelyn's honest song lyrics have strengthened her connection with her fans and has given a silver lining to those who have been looking for some hope to light the way.

"Even though it's about feeling misunderstood and alone, I hope it's making you feel more understood and less alone."

To listen to 'You Don't Know', check out the video above or check it out along with the rest of Katelyn's full EP, 'Tired Eyes' on Apple Music or Spotify.